Log. Learn. Lower.

With our proprietary 'Log, Learn and Lower' approach, we make logging and lowering emissions from travel easy and fun.

We incentivise with money can’t buy prizes to drive fans to engage, and we can integrate with any current or future reward apps if required.

Bite-sized facts and quizzes, delivered through our gamified learning moments, make sustainability education simple and rewarding.

Logging and lowering emissions across the fan journey

Lowr helps fans make sustainable travel options from start to finish.

From discovering the lowest carbon way to get to the game to logging their travel for both home and away fixtures, we help measure and manage the 60% of emissions currently generated by fan travel.

We even integrate behavioural science throughout the platform to suggest lower-emission options for their future travels.

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Integrated and fully branded

No need for users to download a separate app; Lowr integrates seamlessly into all current fan apps or websites.

With our white-label option, we provide a smooth experience that allows users to feel as though they are in their familiar environment.

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brand partners

Increased revenue from new and existing brand partners

Brand partners are increasingly seeking ways to promote their sustainable initiatives to fans, but clubs lack the inventory to support green partnership messaging.

That's where Lowr comes in! We can brand up any part of our platform to deepen the relationship between sponsors and fans, actively increasing the amount of sellable inventory for sales teams.

Have a unique requirement?

We recognise that one size does not always fit all.

That's why we offer the ability to incorporate additional functionalities to meet your specific requirements. This could include developing an entirely new standalone app or adding the capability to unlock ticketing.

Accurate data reporting

Our client report offers tangible data on Scope 3 fan travel emissions, enabling clubs to benchmark their reduction journey.

Matchday transport data not only allows you to capture accurate emissions for the first time but also facilitates improvements and cost savings to mobility schemes. Engagement statistics help identify what resonates most with your fans.

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